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2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Strategy Analysis

What a way to end an awesome year of Formula One action! An incredible 1-2 finish at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix saw the Silver Arrows sign off a spectacular F1 …


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  • Lourens Rolograaf

    congrats for making from this race an over 5 minutes strategy analysis video

  • LIl J FTW

    Am a Fan of Mercedes and Lewis..i know for sure that it was planned that BOttas should win the Race while Lewis stays behind the begining of the Race u could see that lewis blocked Vettel with a hard brake for Vettel so he doesnt overtake him or Bottas..The Team and both drivers knew what they were doing so yeah it was a fun Race .no pressure on Lewis cause his 4 time F1 champ 🙂

  • Mohamed Isse


  • les vidéos de vinké

    Straight on it 😂😂😂!!!!

  • Dominik Dragčević


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