Reasons Why You Need To See A Nail Spa Expert

For women, it takes a lot of effort to stay beautiful and confident all day, every single day. This is why they treat nail spas as their best friends when it comes to feeling beautiful, empowered and looking fab. Having a manicure and pedicure regularly is like having a breath of fresh air. It only takes one full session at a nearby beauty and health spa to realize that it truly pays to pay attention to your nails. Making your hands and feet look pretty by investing in professional nail care and pampering can go a long way – in terms of helping you achieve a more put-together look, let go of some of the worries of the day and improve your overall health and wellness. Below are some of the benefits you’ll get:

1. Receive no less than professional service and attention. DIY mani-pedi can be time-consuming and may lead to disastrous results. Like a bad haircut, it can sometimes need a long time to correct those amateur errors (hello, misshapen, too-short nails). Going to a trusted nail spa saves you from all the hassle and the pain, time and money wasted on products. Highly trained nail technicians will assist you and ensure the results will be nothing but spectacular.

2. Ensure your nails are always in top health. A total nail care experience will include making sure your nails are thoroughly clean, thus preventing the growth of bacteria and foot odour. Services also include a massage which keeps your hands and feet moisturized, improves blood circulation, and loosens knots and tense, tired muscles. Professional manicures and pedicures also prevent infections caused by ingrown nails resulting from wrong clipping and cleaning practices. Moreover, going to nail care experts regularly will help detect problems early and thus prevent serious and costly complications.

3. Get a change to de-stress. Regular clients consider their favourite nail spa as their temporary escape from the worries of the world. It’s refreshing to have someone take care of you for a change, allowing you to recharge your mind and body. Some also like to schedule spa dates with their friends so they can spend fun, quality time while getting primped and pampered.

4. Save time and money. Leading spas usually offer a wide range of body and beauty treatments aside from nail care. Thus, savvy clients often look for spa deals before booking their appointment, so they can enjoy not just nail services but also other treatments such as facials, waxing or body contouring. After such a relaxing day and getting pro care from top to toe, you’ll leave the spa refreshed, more beautiful, more confident and ready to take over the world once again.

Buying Persian and Oriental Rugs Abroad – A Guide

Every year thousands of tourists and soldiers bring back Persian or Oriental carpets from their holidays and tours, every year many of them end up red in the face – and not from the sun.

It can be an adventure bringing back souvenirs from far flung countries, an authentic experience and if you know what you are doing an opportunity to pick up a bargain while on your travels. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing however and local shop-keepers can spot tourists a mile-off. There are many risks involved in buying Persian and Oriental carpets abroad, in order to get the deal you really want there are several things to consider.

There are inherent risks involved in buying abroad, foremost amongst these risks is that the seller knows you have no recourse, you will not be able to return the goods you purchase if there is something wrong with them, if they are fake or even if you simply decide against it. Because of this they are more likely to take advantage, sound advice would be to make it known that you will be around for a while and wont be leaving town the next day, even if you are.

Another important thing to remember is that when you go to buy the shop-keeper of seller knows that you are not an expert and not a dealer. You are unlikely to receive the trade prices that someone in the business would get and they will attempt to charge retail prices. If these people are used to dealing with businesses from abroad then there is likely to be considerable room for negotiation. They might not sell you their wares at the same price someone would gain with a bulk order but if they start high there is likely to be a large reduction available if pushed, they will still make more than they would selling to a professional.

The next consideration is custom charges. Sneaking a rug in with your luggage may work but if caught you will be forced to pay import duty and VAT at your home airport – these charges amount to a further 8% duty in the UK then an additional 17.5% VAT on top of this plus any handling fees and penalties so factor these in when purchasing abroad. Larger rugs may need you to send the rug abroad which again can be pricey.

Each country is different and each have their own risks. Popular destinations for buying abroad include Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and the U.A.E (including Dubai).

Turkey is a popular tourist destination, whether you are in the bustling streets of Istanbul or at a beach resort in the south you are likely to run into hand-knotted rugs at some point. Many tours and excursions have a rug section on them where you are shown the traditional weaving process before being hard-sold to with professional sales people. Turkish sellers can be very charming but remember these places are tourist traps and you are likely to be paying top-dollar, or pound, for what can sometimes be fairly low quality carpets. The streets of Istanbul has many shops and boutiques on offer selling a wonderment of woven colours. Again these places are used to tourists and are likely to start with tourist prices. One thing to watch out for, particularly in Turkey, is art-silk rugs. Many of the silk rugs sold in Turkey turn out to be in fact Viscose Rayon greatly reducing their value, robustness and longevity. Good advice would be to avoid buying silk rugs abroad unless you are confident of being able to tell the difference between real silk and art-silk.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are other places where many rugs are purchased by tourists, quite simply this is ill-advised. The U.A.E does not have a rug weaving industry, the rugs sold here are imported from from Iran, Turkey, India and Afghanistan and sold in retail stores. There is nothing inherently wrong with this but you are likely to get the same deal in these places as you would in a Persian or Oriental rug store back home. Depending on where you are and where you shop back home it may actually be quite a bit more expensive. Peoples’ guard is down when they are on holiday, many look to purchase objects in the hope that it will prolong their feeling of being on holiday, but a rug is a purchase you should make with both your heart and your head.

In Iran and India deals can be had, particularly on used (but good condition) pieces but it helps to speak the language or have someone there with you. The biggest threat here is that you may be sold something when in fact it is a lower grade item. A Westerner is easy prey when it comes to selling an Ardekan as a Kashan or a Tabbas as a Nain. Knowing a little about rugs will help as will going for something that you like rather than something that is sold to you. India makes a lot of copies of Persian designs, there is nothing wrong with this but keep in mind it is an Oriental rug, not a Persian and the investment value is not the same.

One key point for American buyers – if you buy an Iranian (Persian) carpet you are running the risk of it being confiscated at customs, there is an embargo on Iranian goods to the US including Persian rugs so be warned.

The next two stops are possibly more relevant to soldiers than tourists but the warnings are the same. Iraq does not produce any rugs of note, the pieces sold here are brought in specifically for the purpose of selling to the armed forces, these could be from any of the surrounding countries and all of the above advice applies. It should be possible to get a good deal if you know what you are doing but it is not uncommon for soldiers to be sold fake-silk rugs or even machine-made pieces thinking they were the genuine article. Afghanistan is perhaps one of the better countries to get a good deal on a hand-knotted carpet. Although they also sell Iranian rugs here the Afghan rugs themselves are normally of a very high standard and also fairly well suited to the Western home. This does not mean you should not be careful but buying a commercial grade carpet here can be good business but it is always useful to compare prices with those at home.

Buying abroad is a balance of risk and reward, the more you know the better deal you are likely to strike. If something seems to good to be true it probably is and you will likely have no way of getting your money back. If you do purchase abroad here are some key points to consider:

  • Do some research before buying – read up on knot counts and telling the difference between machine-made and hand-made rugs
  • Avoid silk rugs – if you must buy silk make sure you know what you are doing
  • Stay clear of Persian rugs if you do not want to run the risk of confiscation at US customs.
  • Haggle, haggle, haggle – unless you know you are getting a brilliant deal then force down the price considerably. Do not be afraid to walk away, remember, sellers would much prefer to sell to a tourist with a big discount that a dealer with a wholesale price
  • Consider local rugs – rugs made in and around the area of purchase are likely to be best value
  • Factor in the cost of transportation, duty and tax. This could add anywhere between 20-40% to the initial cost, more depending on the transport fee.
  • Check out your local rug specialist before going – you will find they may be able to offer you a great deal and a safer shopping environment.

How to Become a Singer in Dubai

How to become a singer in Dubai Guide

Dubai is a fantastic location in the Middle East, rich with prosperity and opportunity for new and existing businesses to thrive. Dubai is also a prime location for entertainers and singers to perform and succeed in a full time career in the art to which they love.

But what does it take to become a singer in Dubai and what should you know as an entertainer seeking to break out into the Dubai entertainment industry?

As a professional singer and performer in Dubai, I have put together what I have discovered and learnt throughout my journey and experienced whilst entertaining in the UAE.

Before we start, I would like to point out that I am not just a nobody. I have been a professional singer and entertainer worldwide who has finally settled down in the beautiful city of Dubai. Dubai has some of the most fantastic restaurants, beaches and most importantly entertainment.

Awash with restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and entertainment venues there has never been such a great location for entertainers, bands and singers to achieve they’re full potential.

To ensure that you have the best chance of success in the UAE with your singing career then follow these simple steps below:

Create a promotional CD

All entertainment venues and agencies will want to hear your voice before they book you. Creating a CD of 5 to 10 tracks will be enough for them to make an educated decision before signing you up.

Dubai has numerous recording studios located inside and surrounding the city in places such as Deira, Downtown and Abu Dhabi.

Make sure that you have a broad selection of various genres so that you are open to more opportunities and venues.

Get professional photographs

There is nothing worse than being empty handed when an agency or venue requests some professional photographs.

Hire a photographer to take a selection of pictures in hi-resolution to be used in any promotion, web sites and social media.

Get on social media

It is important that you start creating a following as soon as possible. Create fan pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter where people can find you and watch any of your live performances. Allow your fans to share and comment to get maximum outreach.

Be sure to reply to comments and announce any future performance dates. Remember that venues need to be filled to ensure that you keep singing there!

Print some business cards

Another highly embarrassing and unprofessional occasion is when a potential client or venue asks for your business card and you don’t have any to hand them.

You will find that business cards are still extremely popular in the UAE. This maybe due to the multicultural population of Dubai and the UAE. A good company that offers affordable business card printing are DESCO.

Having a professional and attractive business card is the quickest way to get your contact details into the right hands and generate some business.

Be sure to have the following information printed on the business cards:

· Make it clear what you are offering

· Your Name

· Contact Numbers

· Email Address

· Website Address

Build a website

I have been asked by countless agencies if I had a website which they can use to direct their clients to. Having an online portfolio is fast becoming the future for many entertainers.

Your website should look professional in it’s appearance, be easy to navigate and locate information, have your tracks embedded or linked to and have professional images.

Including any video on your website of live performances is also a powerful advertising tool.

Visit venues

Get dressed up and put your best shoes on! Time to get out there and start visiting venues to drum up some business.

Simply visiting restaurants, bars, golf clubs and nightclubs is a great start. Ask to meet with the entertainment manager at each venue.

It’s always wise to call the venue prior to visiting to ensure that the person you need to speak to are present when you plan to visit them.

Register with an agency or entertainment company

This really goes without saying but it is surprising that when I meet other singers who are just starting out, they tell me they have yet to do this.

The benefits of registering with an entertainment agency in Dubai, is that they can find additional work for you in the region. Some of the work maybe one-off and temporary yet it still creates revenue for you. More to the point that you can make more money from one-off gigs than a regular residency gig. (crazy right?)


Networking in any business venture has always been critical to success. In the entertainment industry of the UAE it is no different. It is very much who you know rather than what you know and I have witnessed some extremely bad entertainers and singers in Dubai making more money than good singers and this is the reason.

Go to open mic nights and networking events for singers and bands in Dubai. These are great places to get your name on the scene and team up with other musicians who share the same passion for music as you.

Sing with a band in Dubai

Some will say that there is nothing better than hearing a live band in Dubai and an exceptional singer together. And I would agree with this. Great bands have serious earning potential in the UAE cities.

To find a band or other musicians can be fairly easy. Add an advertisement at the local supermarkets community board or paying a visit to open mic nights and networking with band members or bands is the way forward.

How much does a professional singer in Dubai earn?

The sky is the limit. Typically a new singer to the Dubai scene can expect 1,500 to 2,000 Dhs per gig however this can jump up depending how good and in demand he or she is.

As always larger venues tend to pay more than smaller venues. Hotels and iconic located venues will be willing to pay more depending on the quality of the performance.

I really hope that the information that I have put together in this guide will help provide you with the right tools to become a successful singer in Dubai. If you would like anymore information on myself then please visit my website below and remember that the voice comes first.