Etihad CPS

Etihad Airways A380 First Class Apartment – Abu Dhabi to Sydney. FLYING REIMAGINED

Ever since Etihad announced the product concepts of its A380s, I’ve aspired to travel on them to experience what is probably the world’s most luxurious first …


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  • zoltannd

    How about a nice pork crown roast or fall of the bone pork baby back ribs, I love ham and pork sausage for breakfast Not available on Etihad air. This truly makes me feel unwelcome when an airline allows religious bullshit to govern their food selection. Narrow minded fools are going to impose their will on me NO THANKS. I'll take a U.S. carrier thank you very much. I guess emeril lagasse wont be preparing any menus for ETIHAD JIHAD any time soon. PORK FAT RULES!!!

  • Sarinf Serg

    Amazing video !! To your opinion which First Class apartment is better Ethiad or Emirates ?

  • Adrian Morton

    I feel sorry for the poor guys down stairs in economy. If they only knew hahaha

  • Jamie Wells


  • d sauce

    you had me at SPA & Rose

  • Devil Saga


  • Jim Murphy

    Almost but the plate turning not quiet as good as Mr. Homer 😂. Excellent vid well done

  • Panetta Panetta

    what is brand of mini olive oils?

  • tam phan

    How much was the business class?

  • 65NART

    There is nothing nice about your videos, you come across as a very obnoxious know it all.yuck.

  • JazzTruckin

    One day, or maybe a few (maybe 50) of these Etihad Apartment experiences in my life, but I assure you that I would leave the airplane each time with water in my eyes. Excellent video.

  • United Computers

    Even the Homer Plate Twirl an 10:00

  • United Computers

    A truly excellent video. You have captured the quality of Etihad service. It is a pleasure to watch.

  • Ahmed Shakeel

    Try their Residence on a long flight. It will be your best flight ever

  • Aly Aly

    U can order all the food u want all day??? I would eat until my stomach explode

  • Laukie100

    You should try Ryanair economic class one day ahah, no im just kidding

  • Raad Yusuf

    I'm DEFINTELY flying etihad to dhaka this time round

  • Sidharth Gaonkar

    Awesome coverage..

  • jjberg83

    Anyone know where you can buy those throw pillows from the apartment? Those are amazing.

  • United Computers

    A wonderful video , beautifully presented by a true gentleman.

  • lee w

    what's the residence suite?? why's there no YouTube videos on it??

  • jasna maksa

    Woooooooowwwww thiss is unbelievable woooooowwwww


    Excellent video

  • Saqer Qanass

    Hi, best YouTuber EVER I subscribed to Avid flyer because he makes a big smile on my face:D thanks and great video

  • Soviet II

    Always remember, when Garfield the cat got epic mad, he shipped Nermal here!

  • Shakeel Kazi

    Your videos are damn awesome I have watched this 20 times

  • Willames Delas

    muito bom

  • bob smith

    What song did you use during the last meals of your video. Awesome video man!

  • Altosax449

    Wow. Thank You! Fantastic Video!

  • José Aygretto

    your vocabulary……….. really makes me uncomfortable ……

  • Dyanetics

    Airline shit,the worst that you can use to travel. Really bad experience with this company,quality 0. Not recommended!

  • usair97

    15:02 you have to pay $21 for a full flight of wifi??? yes I know most dont pay full first class price because of miles, but If im paying all this money for first class i better be getting free wifi.

  • Edison Choy

    Try the residence

  • Genesis Casanova

    Do you get paid to review these airlines?

  • Mark Koh

    An amazing first class experience, but, paying for wifi, at those tkt prices .. hmmm, I think they can do better than that for premium customers. Loved the video though.

  • X01 Nabos

    I flew from Dubai to Hong kong in economic class a380 and was amazing, why you dont try fly in tigerair a320, economic class and no food for three hours from singapore to hong kong… That is worst XD, good thing is that you can watch the landscape through the window

  • X01 Nabos

    Im sorry, I prefer economic class, you can see throught the window, business class is claustrophobic and surrealist, I hate that! Why people spends 20000$ in a business class, only for 12 hours of flight… Ridiculous.

  • The big S

    Hey I was planning on buying a ticket but I heard it's like $43000 is that to go to your destination and back? plz tell me

  • john smith

    they better provide a model looking female masseuse for that kind of cash

  • Jay Jay

    You mean you have to pay for the WiFi?! God Sake! But apart from that, looks like an incredible experience.

  • Jason Foster


  • Isho Dinkha

    song at 43 seconds

  • Randomexeric

    yeah it is a great vid!

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