Etihad CPS

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  • NoahNoahNoah

    Please post more

  • rashad saleh

    What's the name of this music. and guys, YOU BETTER NOT REPLY DAURAD SANDSTORM!!!


    Very Nice.

  • therandomdot

    Spending that oil money. When the oil money runs out things are gonna go south fast. Then again, when the oil money runs out, it's because the oil ran out. So, things are gonna go south fast for us, too.

  • merickful


  • ya boi

    Hi there I work very hard almost everyday to produce content for my subs but I can't seem to gain any. Could we possibly trade accounts because your inactive and it would really help out. Message me back ASAP. Thank you!

  • Q Quality Movies

    Mooie video Jos.

  • Drone4Adventures

    Hi Jos! (Lewis Hamiltons Championship Race Track – Abu Dhabi – HD)
    I subscribed you a while back,Sub us back please and i hope this helps.I no for sure if this was your title from the start you would have had 100.000 Plus!! Great Video Well Done.

  • Drone4Adventures

    Change your title for better views!!

  • Jochem Messmer

    Looks good! How did you get your gopro looks so good?

  • Drone4Adventures

    Great Video Josh!! I would have loved to film the race,glad your back,amazing capture,check out my channel??

  • AKorigami

    My first first!

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