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Masdar: The City of the Future | Fully Charged

Robert Llewellyn visits Masdar City, a city fully sustainable on green energy. WATCH Masdar City Part 2 @ LIKE Fully Charged on …


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  • Saif Shihadeh

    Anyone know the song in the background

  • Erich Fabian

    This is absolutely what I love to see! My god just fantastic, it's not just about how we make power it's how we use it and these people totally get it

  • Patrick Barbosa

    00:42 what's the song?

  • Travis Herdt

    Watching this makes me so sick of the U.S. dragging its feet to commit to an infrastructure like this. Instead U.S. just keep applying band aids on top of a weak system.

    I barely know anyone who is interested in self sustainable green city tech/infrastructure. If I wasn't so Irish and pale I would consider Masdar as a place to live.
    Just walking down a Boston street means I am gulping in black smoke from buses and trucks, idiots smoking cigarettes, and an airport thats a quarter of a mile from my apartment. redonk.

  • Fatehjot Singh

    How many people watching this are actually vegan?

    looking forward to read your comments!

    I think sustainability in every point of oir life is the future 🔮

  • Carlton Brown


  • Caspar Facius

    Dear Robert, please go back to Masdar and give us an update on the developments the city has gone throu in the last 5 years. It would be so amazing to have some good news after this last week (He who must not be named's retreat from the Paris accords).

  • Mikel Ferrer

    jodidos hipócritas



  • Billinous

    Let this be a lesson to all third world countries who export so much food globally but allow their governments to pocket the cash

  • Self Sufficiency

    What an idiot, just get to the city

  • Shan Rafnezden

    56 peolpe who didn´t like it……WHY?

  • María Urbina

    Así como cuando no encuentras en que gastar tu dinero, ps se te ocurre crear una ciudad.

  • weatheranddarkness

    go back for an update 4 years on?

  • rabitman3000

    city is designed by a british firm…

  • peter lang

    check out the saurea solar engine by alain coty. motor runs with high power

  • Elba Bonia

    I'm a huge Fan of their Natural Resources development🤓😍. Any updates on troops coming back to the USA 100%? I keep hearing people getting "deployed". 🤔When all the technology in place, I think our guys/country need to focus on Learning from the Middle East would benefit every1. Less Orphans & Huge USA $$$ savings!

  • Samrat Mitra

    As requirment if i can i can also make my city my place something beautiful like masder…

  • Tim Fujio

    the intro was cringe

  • Buehler1997

    seems like the UAE finally realised that the only way to maintain their wealth is to become independent from the only source of income they have been relying on and which is running out at an enormous rate –

  • Rob N

    Where do these cities in a desert get their water from? I'm guessing they desalinate sea water by burning huge quantities of oil….

  • Zensesa 84

    Oh man

  • thankforsharingable

    sky looks so dirty

  • Jameel Ja

    I applaud UAE for being such forward thinking on the renewable energy front. it's rare to see this in Arab countries.

  • iirmv

    Ive been there , its amazing , increadible , mashalah .

  • Sukram Sukram

    It's a beautiful thing!

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