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MOVING TO DUBAI or ABU DHABI – 5 Things You Need To Know !!!

Looking for advice on what to expect when you move to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates? Here are 5 things you need to know. If you’re reading this, …


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  • Mr H

    Good stuff Emkwan. Also, if you're new to the channel, Emkwan has a nice FAQ section under the video in the description area. Just push the Show More button.

  • Zilmy Vazquez

    Amazing vlog! Really considering moving to Dubai!

  • Papp Sebastian Georgian

    do you have a fitbit bro?

  • S4njuro

    That was helpful, thank you! <3

  • VideoCrossPRO LBC

    I went to Dubai and all these tips help me so go

  • Queene ofthePak

    I am a single parent of a 14 yr old son. I freelance as a ghost writer. How can I find about schools?

  • Amrit Gurung

    I worked there in UAE, Abu Dhabi for 9 years and I realized the I will never able to save money for my future, the reason why I left UAE. But the society and people are really good there. You spoke here very honest, good explaining of reality.

  • Leon Pakzad

    26000 subscribers, brilliant!! way to go… I just made it 26001!! I appreciate all the information you kindly share with us. I am about to move to Dubai in couple of weeks looking for new adventures in teaching. Good Luck EMKWAN


    Are you British ,I love your accent!

  • GODZKID007

    We are thinking of buying a Villa Jumeirah Hills, I was wondering about the buying of a car aspect. When buying a car there can I use my both American & International drivers license to register the car and also get insurance? or do I have to apply for a Dubai drivers license in order to both register the car and get auto insurance? thanks man have a great day…Opps almost forgot to ask what days are the least traffic? I heard it's friday and saturdays..

  • Catarina Lourenco

    very good stuff! 🙂

  • Ruthie mucina

    Very very informative.thank you

  • lenny santana

    how much money you be making a yearl and what's your job ?


    great video my brother. i would like to move out there i am struggling in a third world country i am from Bosnia. If you could in any way help a brother. thank you PEACE AND BLESSINGS

  • Amaan Naqash

    Where do you live rn bro?

  • Cupcake22

    Emkwan you live I my building! I've been a subscriber since last year <3

  • Roman M

    Do you know any doctors working in UAE? Im a doctor myself and would like to ask couple of questions

  • a c

    I am born in the Netherlands but my parents are born in Turkey. Should I apply with my Dutch passport or Turkish passport? (Software/IT Branche)

    Thank you!

  • wazl No

    fucking white people and Christians hate on islam then they go there to make money….they are so bad and such hypocrites

  • Imtiaz Chowdhury

    Bro you studied at Regent College from Leicester, UK right? I'm from Leicester in the UK too! My hometown! ❤️

  • kesa1986

    good vlog

  • Suraj Sinha Official

    How about to shift India to dubai?

  • Mariot Delray

    how can a youtuber from new zealand or australia come and live in dubai for 3-6 months? do they have to get a 9-5 job to get a visa?

  • Erwin Philips

    Hi mate , Nice Work Great clips , i think abu is more the place with kids , allone voor your Work or night life Dubai Butt i prever abu dhabi , and you mate ?! I was @ Hilton corniche , its old butt oké beach club was Great with smal kids ,,,, st regis are Great butt to much money !! Keep up the good Work !! Grz from Amsterdam .

  • Mohammed Ali

    #askEMKWAN do you think it'll be possible to do an MBA part time whilst working full time as an investment analyst ?

  • Ismail TK

    I hate traffic

  • Rusl Davis

    Great Vlog! Really good information and dead accurate. Your videos helped me pull the trigger on moving out here last April. I found the Accommodations video extremely helpful and it led me to look for places on Ream Island. I showed my wife the one that you and Beelah made together and It eased some of her worries about me coming out. This place has already turned my family's financial situation around and I love it here. Thanks for what you do brother. I have no doubt that you're making a positive impact on the lives of countless others with the content you put out.

  • Wizalia

    Hi, I really hope if you can answer my question. I am a qualified teacher and have my QTS with 3 years teaching experience. Is it difficult to get a job if I hold this position?

  • sud toulousain

    I'm from France I've asked for Dubai, I'm looking in field selling, just to work a little bit not for moving out definitely. So thank's

  • Quentin Randis

    Awesome video mate. Very informative. I'm actually in Dubai right now to scope the city out a bit and see what's possible.

  • Jacky Rj

    Can you guide us towards what the best recruitment agency's there are for UK expats to move to dubai please I am looking to move to dubai have applied through so many job sites unfortunately haven't had luck please help if you can appreciate the video

  • Malik sohaib

    brother I'm new here In Abu Dhabi..but i got your 5 points…I can settle my goals InshaAllah..
    thanks a lot…peace & blessings..✌👍

  • My Dubai

    thank you

  • G O'K

    Great video. You will return to the UK at some stage?

  • Jawahir AM

    you deserve more subscribers

  • Hannah & Leon Vlogs

    Nicey put! Not sure if you know but Leon is actually moving to Dubai – its going to be a tough few months especially trying to find accommodation and getting used to Dubai life! Scary!

  • Seem U

    Nice. Whats your job? Would be cool for a day in the life at work kinda video!


    Greattttt vlog

  • Adam Ousman

    good stuff like always

  • Zelrese Jones

    Great video! Thanks Emkwan for all the info, peace and blessings

  • Maha

    Thanks for all the precisions and advices: def appreciated 👌🏻

  • Summer

    Great vlog Thx for that 5 really good anser 👌🏻👌🏻🤗🤗💐

  • HVtv - Hajj Vlogger

    very interesting video bro. keep it up

  • Ameer Mukadam

    It is becoming very very expensive to stay in the UAE recently especially for those who dont have good passports like U.S. & U.K. The water and electricity bills have increased 3 times now and not to forget the rents. Education was always very very expensive. Being an Indian I feel very sad because it was my goal to settle in the UAE when I was studying.

  • Sahil Tanwar

    thank you Big Brother

  • Sat The pro

    Great video 👍🏻up

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