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  • hmj hmj

    all Muslim in the world I want to make mosqe kuch is tarah ki plz pray for Mee k mujhy itni himat taqat aur Paisa dai

  • Ahmed AlMarri

    Some of the information is wrong, Sheikh Zayed grand Mosque provide qualified Culture Guides…

  • Religion WhistleBlower

    2 American scientists have been discovering awesome mathematical signs in the Quran with the help of computer since1974. It is based on secret code of the Quran #19 and ultimate mathematics based on primes composites twin primes mersenne primes. We have the scientifically proven scripture supported by mathematics. Quran promotes only The Nation of Abraham, "Submission" like ALL the other scriptures.
    So who came up with these Muslims Jews Christians and other 4200s?

  • AD M

    I remember this mosque have been to it

  • anease akhtar


  • ayumur

    WOW! This is great piece of architecture!

  • محمد أمين

    @mrocean21 i agree, but we have to keep in mind that the same symbols are used in magic by other people in other cultures !!!! i think that the design is very exaggerated and modesty is very absent !!

  • mrocean21

    @boussou geometric designs are mathematical in origin and reminds believers of the order and beauty God has built into his creation it has nothing to do with pagan symbols, same applies for the use of floral designs. So it depends how you interpret these designs.

  • salamunaley


  • Okra CRPF

    now this is a super rich country!

  • abdurahman

    this is one of the signs for judjment day

  • محمد أمين

    i wouldn't pray in a mosque like this, it's full of pagan symbols (pentagrams all over the place, sun symbols, ..etc) No offense my emarati brothers but the people who helped design this mosque knew what they were doing . by the way the mosque guide admitted that just pay attention with what he said !!!!

  • 88lafe

    are they proud of their building? are they proud ? muslims build beautiful mosques, but they do not pray in it, why then build they a huge mosque like that? In ramadan people pray, a muslim has to pray 5 times a day, a cannot understand why they are doing this, during they talk, innocent palestinians get murdered and tortured by israelis, so save your money and try to make politics with it, maybe you can join the real islam then. rich arrogant arabs .


    I saw the building of this place on a TV special…..the work in those carpets and all that marble hauled from Italy,was simply out of this world. It puts a new meaning to ' GO BIG ",,,,, this is what you get for close to 1 billion dollars. My hats off.simply outstanding. and the best part,its OPEN to everyone.

  • dgarcia8

    i miss abu dhabi so much sheikh zayed mosque is so beautiful mashallah

  • mohammadzafar

    huge mosque…could take maybe 100 000 ppl

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