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Roman Origins in Assyrian Roots and Babylon

The history of the Romans began a long time before the presence of Julius Caesar but few, if any, have questioned their roots. It would not have been in my mind either except that the Spirit asked me to search for the origin of the cross. Before long it took me to Babylon and the ziggurat and high mountains where the sun-star was formed and people worshiped it as the Mother God, Mari.

In a vision they were standing in front of a perforated stone and as the sun rose behind it the brilliant rays dispersed into the colors of the rainbow and they went outwards in perpetually moving circles central to which was the right-angled cross. The sign is awesome and the people were overcome with emotion.

From this came the symbols that remain today in all religions. The seven pointed star indicates the seven colors and it is found over law-enforcement bodies universally. The 5 pointed star, another of the symbols, is over the flag of Islam and almost country. It was this religion that has its roots in this place.

The people were named for it and they are called ‘Amor’ or ‘O-m-or’ which means ‘circle of mother sun’. In the circle of light men died at dawn on crosses in expectation of rising with ‘her’ and being her ‘mate’. ‘Ma-t’ is the origin of ‘mate’ and it means ‘mother’s cross’. The one who died on the cross was names accordingly as ‘X-r-i-s’ or ‘Chris’ it means ‘cross of power-eye of light’. ‘X-r-i-s-t’ has the other cross and is an indication that men died on crosses in the shape of a cross and it is the origin of ‘Christ’.

The Amors were violent, murderous, raiding and capturing people who invaded and stole entire countries. It was when they arrived in Italy and built their new Capital Roma, reverse of Amor, that their roots are exposed.

One of their descendants, Constantine, established the Catholic Church in 325 AD at the Council of Nicaea and he invented Jesus Christ as a replacement for all the men who were still dying on crosses. He then placed the Mother God, Mary, in the religion as the Mother of God.

The Romans are the Assyrians of prehistory who carried their religion and their Mother God with them wherever they ventured. Their previous Capital was Mari, the ruins of which are in Syria just 11 km northwest of Abu Kamal.