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STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS Featurette – Shooting In Abu Dhabi (2015) – STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS Featurette – Shooting In Abu Dhabi (2015)


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  • Elina H

    Daisy was perfect for the part of Rey 🙂

  • swag Bayer munich

    Is Rey British

  • stan smith

    disgusting reply…

  • Coco Georgiev

    The Move was so cool In New York me and my friends we wocht the move

  • Sean Glasson

    i love it

  • Justin Guia

    damn that Abdullah guy is pretty cute <3

  • Emily Ruprecht

    That is my all time favorite movie now, like I cant even! If you are reading this and you have not seen star wars, I would suggest to watch the movie ASAP. Believe in me guys, this movie is unbelievable, trust me and may the force be with you all!

  • Hei Li

    and is it just me or the executive producer 006 alec trevelyan from goldeneye lol

  • Hei Li

    BB-8 is a puppet! dreams crushed

  • Winda Levina

    Star Wars: Episode 7 – The Force Awakens (2015) movie available in hd quality

    Watch now :

  • Rig Raizon

    Why the fuck did Kylo Ren take his mask off? The moment ruined the whole film

  • D sea.

    Looks like they're holding hands at 2:50

  • TheBrownLamb

    The movie was amazing ! Exceeded my already very high expectations. Daisy as Rey was fantastic.

  • stan smith

    If Rey and Finn become a couple the franchise is done! Ruined! please No!!!!!

  • Who Knew 22

    Best one of the lot

  • NiceGuyAidey

    Superb film, Daisy Ridley as Rey was outstanding

  • Manny N

    can't wait to see this movie on Friday

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